Who am I?

I am Aleana Dela Cruz and I have always been fascinated by voice acting since it has the power to influence the human emotion. It can make us feel and relate to a certain subject and it always around us.

The human voice is so interesting since we can create new sounds. We can communicate and express our ideas to other people and reach a common ground.

Now, I am taking a huge leap and starting my journey as a voiceover artist. To be able to give life to the characters that will pass through my hands is my dream.

My Brand Name

/Voicer/ana/ — “voiserana”

Voicerana is a combination of the word “voicer” and “ana“.

Ana came from my name Ale’ana’ but it can also represent Ana from ‘ana’melia (which is just another way to spell — I’m Aleana)

Voicerana is like the Filipina to a Filipino. A female voice artist who is hoping for her “Voicerano” male voice artist (just kidding) My main point is that someday I’ll be a veteran or “veterana” in this field, and my brand name fits perfectly with this.

“Voicerana isang Veterana na Filipina sa Voice Acting.” (Voicerana one of the female veterans in voice acting.)

My Brand Logo


As you can see, there is a capital letter “V” and “A“.

It can symbolize different things. (Voice Acting, Voice Actress, and most significantly: Voicerana)

Both of the letters act as a support for the microphone. It is also like carrying the torch and hopefully being able to pass it to the next generation. In other words: “Supporting the profession.”

I believe in the saying: A sword cannot be forged just by hitting it once, it must be repeatedly hit to sharpen and strengthen it and once done, it is and will be your greatest sword.

Right now, we are an unpolished diamond that must be put into a lot of pressure in order to become firm and strong.

A diamond, once polished will become the shiniest gem in the area.

So shine like a star because you are one.

“I become, I believe, I am.”

— Mr. Pocholo Gonzales (The Voicemaster of the Philippines)

Here’s to a wonderful journey ahead!

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