August 14 | Friday

Today, I spent most of my time trying to edit my “all over the place” recordings by “stitching” it up together and forming just one single track.

I still have a lot to do since I haven’t edited my other recordings and uploaded it on my YouTube channel. *cheers myself up* go go go.

It’s really hard since I could only use my phone to edit it. I’m just so glad that it sounded alright and nice. I’m really excited about what will happen for tomorrow’s lesson on CVAP (Certified Voice Artist Program) Batch 2

Published by anamelia.dc

If I were a season, then I would be "autumn". I just really like the vibe and the mixture of the earthly colors of brown, red, and yellow, while being able to wear my comfort clothes and just chill. °°°°°°° | Book Lover | Anime | Manga | Manhwa | Manhua | Webtoons | Aspiring Author | Voiceover Artist | Coffee | Milktea | Fluff & Romance | Movies | Theater |

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