August 29 | Saturday

Today is graduation day.

It’s also the day of my debut as a member of the PVG (Power Voice Girls) on VG8 Radio. — Yep, both happened at the same time.

At first, I was like: “Should I split myself in half and focus on two different events?” I was worried about how will my audio affect the programs since they happen at the same time. I’m using a soundcard so I was really worried about it but good news! The timing of the events was just right.

There was no overlapping of audio and I made it on the performance of the live radio drama on CVAP (We were the 2nd to the last group to perform)

Finally, I graduated. I also received a leter from my past self. I wrote my letter on August 1 and set the date to be received on August 29.

I was able to read my point of view, my expectations about the course and also…. What I think my future self is doing right now.

It’s quite emotional since, just writing it is different from actually experiencing it and reading it out loud. I’ll have to say, that activity is one of the most important activities that we have done.

I am so thankful for being a part of the CVAP Family. Voice Acting is an art and our voice shapes it.

Published by anamelia.dc

If I were a season, then I would be "autumn". I just really like the vibe and the mixture of the earthly colors of brown, red, and yellow, while being able to wear my comfort clothes and just chill. °°°°°°° | Book Lover | Anime | Manga | Manhwa | Manhua | Webtoons | Aspiring Author | Voiceover Artist | Coffee | Milktea | Fluff & Romance | Movies | Theater |

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