August 5 | Wednesday

I had a stomach ache. I was just attached to my bed while pressing a warm compress on my abdominal area. It also hurts everytime I coughed.

I just tried to finalized the TV and Radio Commercials that I will do a voice over with and wrote the scripts. I was also thinking about how I will edit my clips since as of now, only my phone is available for that job.

My computer is moody. Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes not. (honestly, I have to perform a ritual for it to work. What’s the ritual?) *smack smack smack sfx* 😂

I have to hit the PC for it to work, sometimes I just beg and pray. My entry for this day is late since I just rested for this day.

Published by anamelia.dc

If I were a season, then I would be "autumn". I just really like the vibe and the mixture of the earthly colors of brown, red, and yellow, while being able to wear my comfort clothes and just chill. °°°°°°° | Book Lover | Anime | Manga | Manhwa | Manhua | Webtoons | Aspiring Author | Voiceover Artist | Coffee | Milktea | Fluff & Romance | Movies | Theater |

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