August 30 | Sunday

My mind is still digesting all of the information that was given to me yesterday. I still can’t believe that CVAP Batch 2 is already finished.

I’ll miss the days when I had to wake up early *laughs* and just race against time to take a bath, get dressed, and eat breakfast and set up my tech stuff while making sure that my power bank is fully charged and so are my gadgets.

I’m still overwhelmed with emotions that it’s already 5:00am here in the Philippines and I still haven’t slept yet. (Too much energy, I guess) I’m really, really grateful towards my CVAP Family.

This is not the end. This is just the start of a new beginning. We’re going to be (CVAs) Certified Voice Artists and this is our new journey.

The start of our journey towards the real world of voice acting.

Published by anamelia.dc

If I were a season, then I would be "autumn". I just really like the vibe and the mixture of the earthly colors of brown, red, and yellow, while being able to wear my comfort clothes and just chill. °°°°°°° | Book Lover | Anime | Manga | Manhwa | Manhua | Webtoons | Aspiring Author | Voiceover Artist | Coffee | Milktea | Fluff & Romance | Movies | Theater |

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