August 27 | Thursday

Today, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales contacted me and asked me if I am interested to be a part of VOTY (Voice Of The Youth) on VG8 Radio. It’s a facebook live radio show during 3:00pm to 5:00pm (PH Time)

He asked me this question and I said yes! I wanted ro be a part of VOTY. He told me that he welcomes me as the last member of the PVG (Power Voice Girls)

4 of us were chosen on the Batch 2 of CVAP and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Published by anamelia.dc

If I were a season, then I would be "autumn". I just really like the vibe and the mixture of the earthly colors of brown, red, and yellow, while being able to wear my comfort clothes and just chill. °°°°°°° | Book Lover | Anime | Manga | Manhwa | Manhua | Webtoons | Aspiring Author | Voiceover Artist | Coffee | Milktea | Fluff & Romance | Movies | Theater |

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