August 31 | Monday

Today, I tried to relaxed my mind and slept some more. Everything has finally sunk in and I am ready to face the future and take one step at a time.

The time that I have spent of CVAP is irreplaceable. It is really a big factor towards my dream and the path that I will pursue. If you are reading this and you are also interested in this path…. Then please, please check out the Certified Voice Artist Program and

You can also search for Mr. Pocholo Gonzales and you will see how much credibility and experience he has. CVAP is not just for the locals. We are already in the international level. Different people from different nationalities have enrolled in this program and they were also satisfied. (Most of them were from CVAP Batch 1)

I am also glad to have met my (CVAP Batch 2) international voicemates from America (Amy, Matt, and Tom) Their voices are amazing!

CVAP Batch 3 enrollment is now going on! Believe it! Someone out there needs your voice and we need you! Join us now and be a part of the CVAP Family.

I am really advertising it since it is so worth it. It’s the “new normal” of voice acting. CVAP doesn’t just develop your voice. It also teaches you the tools and things that you need to start your own home studio and polishes your editing skills.

Every money spent is worth it and who knows? Maybe you’ll get a chance to become a scholar.


August 30 | Sunday

My mind is still digesting all of the information that was given to me yesterday. I still can’t believe that CVAP Batch 2 is already finished.

I’ll miss the days when I had to wake up early *laughs* and just race against time to take a bath, get dressed, and eat breakfast and set up my tech stuff while making sure that my power bank is fully charged and so are my gadgets.

I’m still overwhelmed with emotions that it’s already 5:00am here in the Philippines and I still haven’t slept yet. (Too much energy, I guess) I’m really, really grateful towards my CVAP Family.

This is not the end. This is just the start of a new beginning. We’re going to be (CVAs) Certified Voice Artists and this is our new journey.

The start of our journey towards the real world of voice acting.


August 29 | Saturday

Today is graduation day.

It’s also the day of my debut as a member of the PVG (Power Voice Girls) on VG8 Radio. — Yep, both happened at the same time.

At first, I was like: “Should I split myself in half and focus on two different events?” I was worried about how will my audio affect the programs since they happen at the same time. I’m using a soundcard so I was really worried about it but good news! The timing of the events was just right.

There was no overlapping of audio and I made it on the performance of the live radio drama on CVAP (We were the 2nd to the last group to perform)

Finally, I graduated. I also received a leter from my past self. I wrote my letter on August 1 and set the date to be received on August 29.

I was able to read my point of view, my expectations about the course and also…. What I think my future self is doing right now.

It’s quite emotional since, just writing it is different from actually experiencing it and reading it out loud. I’ll have to say, that activity is one of the most important activities that we have done.

I am so thankful for being a part of the CVAP Family. Voice Acting is an art and our voice shapes it.


August 28 | Friday

Today, my voicemates/groupmates on my break out room finally received our scripts on the live radio drama that we will perform. We also received a new task which is to submit a video about our graduation testimonial on CVAP.

Even though I can only use my phone for now, it didn’t stop me from quickly shooting and editing it. Thankfully, I submitted it on the same day and felt the pressure piled upon my back decrease.

Later this evening at around 11pm, the hosts of VOTY made a messenger call and briefed us PVG on what will be our parts on the script and how will the flow go. I’m so excited to be a part of the VG8 Radio and perform on VOTY

Tomorrow is also my graduation day on CVAP!


August 27 | Thursday

Today, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales contacted me and asked me if I am interested to be a part of VOTY (Voice Of The Youth) on VG8 Radio. It’s a facebook live radio show during 3:00pm to 5:00pm (PH Time)

He asked me this question and I said yes! I wanted ro be a part of VOTY. He told me that he welcomes me as the last member of the PVG (Power Voice Girls)

4 of us were chosen on the Batch 2 of CVAP and I am so thankful for this opportunity.


August 26 | Wednesday

Today we finally submitted our dubbed recording: “Maria Lazada Teresa” We tried to upload it on YouTube but copyright took it down so we tried to find other sites.

We decided to upload it on Vimeo and here’s the link:

So far, we still haven’t received our script on the live radio and I also took this time to check out the GC and look for any updates.


August 25 | Tuesday

We were still making our own script about the recorded dub and one of my voicemates volunteered to write our Radio Drama. I’m so thankful for his initiative and his help.

Today, I tried to think about my own script on the dub and tried to make sure that the dubbed words will sync with the actress’ mouth. I also checked the GC once again and talked with my voicemates.


August 24 | Monday

Today, I checked my uploaded videos and read the topics on the GC (Group Chat) on messenger. I’m quite excited to be able to graduate on Saturday but at the same time I am also reluctant.

By the way, we still have to submit our recorded dub and we decided to create a parody on a Filipino Horror movie: Maria Leonora Teresa and made it “Maria Lazada Teresa” — About a doll who secretly ordered online and blamed that nanny about it, now all of the owners of the house were arguing about who used their accounts and ordered online. *laughs*


August 23 | Sunday

Today, I rested. I checked some of the worksheets and made sure that I filled it up and finished my requirements. We have a live radio drama that will be performed on August 29, 2020 and we still haven’t made any progress.

I’ll just relax myself today and get some well deserved sleep.


August 22 | Saturday

Today is my last class on CVAP Batch 2. Next week will be our graduation day. It still hasn’t really sinked in on me.

We discussed about setting up our own home studio and also the different kinds of microphones that would suit us best. And then we had our break and after returning, we finally performed our Dubbing session!

It was a live performance. We experienced technical difficulties but it’s alright since we will have another chance to record it once again and upload it.

After that, we had a question and answer portion but also spent time talking with each other. There were tips, lessons, and advice given and we mostly talked with Sir Choi. Our Voicemaster.

Yes, a lot of people cried. We still want to spend more time with each other and it’s just so….sad to know that everything will be over next week.

We will still be the CVAP Batch 2 graduates. My voicemates and I will keep the lessons that Mr. Pocholo Gonzales (The Voicemaster of the Philippines) gave us and hopefully we’ll be able to pass his mission and vision to the next batch and other people.

This CVAP training is really fun and worth it. It’s really engaging and I did things that I never thought I could. I’m so glad to be a member of the CVAP family. Thank you very much. *bows*

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